Where Will You Find Yourself?

Mmm, Cake!
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I've never been good at completing things.

What I'm good at is starting a project. I'll go full into it, and obsess for days. Then I'll just . . . abandon it.

I've bought knitting supplies, but never learned.

I've had a guitar for years, but still don't know how to play.

I constantly start rearranging my rooms. I never settle on anything and always end up deciding I want it a different way.

Empty photo frames, art supplies, school supplies, books; all unfinished, unused, wasting away.

Which is what makes today quite unusual.

Today marks one full year of my posting to this site. One year of glorious, beautiful writing and photography from yours truly.

Well, glorious and beautiful may not be the right adjectives, but it is quite remarkable. I fully expected to go all out for about two months before I petered out to two posts per year.

Which isn't to say that won't happen down the road. But for now, it's more glorious action for you!

Thanks for reading!

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