And Junction City Ain't the Spot

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I took a short trip home this weekend. I came back in my "new" car.

It's not the Escalade I really wanted, but it's quite a bit more affordable.

Not to mention, it's ten times better than my old car. How so?

1. CD Player!
2. My windows go down and then back up!
3. The fabric from the ceiling isn't caving.
4. The speedometer isn't broken!
5. There's no mysterious rattling sound.
6. I can see out of my rearview mirrors.
7. The line to the cruise control hasn't been cut.
8. The glove box isn't held shut by a rubberband.
9. The windshield wipers will actually shut off without having to turn off the ignition.
10. No raggedy-top.

My dad found it and decided it was a good car. It's taken me a little while to get up to Clay to claim it.

In the meantime, my mom has been driving it around. She even took it all the way to Missouri.

"I'm not sure I want to give it up!"

Dad helped me carry stuff to my car when I was leaving on Sunday. He patted the car and said "Take care of my girl."

"Oh, I'll try."

"I was actually talking to the car."

So now I'm driving a Buick. I guess I really am getting old.

That must be why at Marcus's birthday meal at Cracker Barrel, I ordered the Old Timers' Special.

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