No Comprende. It's a Riddle.

Nadia in B&W
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Friday night, I picked up some food to take to Jacque's for dinner.

I'd always wanted to try Dona Lupe's, and I had a hankerin' for authentic chile rellenos, so I figured I'd try it out.

When I paid for the food, the cashier gave me the total in Spanish.

I was confused. Did he not speak any English? It was a good thing I could see the total!

"Can I write a check for that?"

"Sure," he said in English. "That will be $15.58."

I wondered why he switched languages on me. Then I had an idea. I called Nadia immediately.

"I think he thought I was Mexican! See? I told you I'm brown!"

"Okay. You keep dreaming."

"Mexicano es mio!!!"

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