Sweetness, Sweetness, I was Only Joking

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Last night, Raw and I went to Sumo for dinner.

As at most Japanese grills, the chef saved some shrimp for the end of the show.

He looked around at our table and asked "Who's playing?"

He tossed a piece of shrimp at one person and it flew right into her mouth. He went down the table and nearly everyone caught the shrimp.

Raw and I didn't want to play the game in the first place. But after watching everyone catch it, we were feeling too inadequate to play.

The man sitting to Raw's left missed his shrimp. Then there was one piece of shrimp left.

"Who wants it? Who's playing?"

We both pointed to the man and said "He wants another try!"

The chef points at Raw and says "She wants it!"

Raw gave me a look. The chef must have seen it, so he tried to reassure her.

"Don't worry. With a mouth that big, I can't miss!"

And then he proceeded to miss.

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