Hail to the Thief

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This morning, I don't have to be at work until eleven. I stayed up way too late reading so I was looking forward to getting the sleep I needed.

Mother Nature had other plans.

At a quarter past seven, I jumped straight up out of bed. I heard a giant crack of thunder, similar to the ones that woke me up in Lawrence.

I went into the living room to turn on the television to see what the radar looked like.

Just as I turned it on, the weatherman was saying "Large hail is coming."

The green part of the storm had not even hit my area, yet right after he made his warning, I heard a crack.

Not just a ping or click, but a crack. Followed by a thud!

The cat flipped out and I cowered away from the windows. I have giant windows and that hail sounded like it wanted to shatter them.

One of my windows is covered by an awning, so I gathered the courage to take a peek. There was definitely golf ball-sized hail pounding the vehicles in the parking lot.

"Oh no!" I thought. "The Buick!"

Once the rain and hail let up, I slipped into my slaps and headed out with the camera.

The hail had melted a bit, but was still quite large.

From a distance, The Buick looked fine. None of the windows were shattered.

I started to think I was blessed. I had The Croc for years and she showed really no discernable sign of hail damage. Maybe that luck had contiuned with a new car?

Then I actually got up to the trunk. I could see right away I hadn't fared so well.

I've had The Buick for a month and already have large dents from hail.

As I'm writing this, we're getting another deluge with a little hail mixed in.

This is what happens when you start paying all the car bills, huh?

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