Man, This is What Love Is

Smearing the Cake
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Raw's little sister, Jennifer, got married on Saturday.

It was my job to take pictures. You know, because I'm such an awesome photographer!

The super expensive camera I was using ran out of battery before the reception even started. It wasn't my fault! I wasn't given a battery charger!

You can see the pictures I took at the reception with my camera here.

You can tell it was quite a party.

I was disappointed with some of the party-goers. Like when they were jumping around on the dance floor and spilling their beers all over.

Or during the Father and Daughter dance. No one paid any attention. They whooped and hollered and started dancing with each other.

They didn't seem to realize what a poignant moment it was. Everyone who did pay attention was teary-eyed.

But now that I think about it, I probably used to be the same way. I guess you've got to get old before you understand.

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