Just How Smooth She Glides

Casey, Raw and Mary
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It's a beautiful Sunday morning. You've just grabbed coffee and croissants. All that's left for your perfect day is the newspaper.

You step up to the rack, put your coins in and pop open the door.

Suddenly a plastic box with wires attached drops and you hear the sound of the fuse.

Entertaining, right?

It was Paramount Pictures brilliant idea to hype their new movie, Mission: Impossible III.

Several calls were made to law enforcement. One such call resulted in the bomb squad blowing up the newspaper box.

This article made me laugh.

"But it is better than their first ideas, which was to put a cobra in your car with 'MI3' on it's neck or shoot at you with blanks until you dove into a movie theater for cover."

In other "dangerous ideas" news, Casey has a Harley

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