I've Seen the Kansas of Your Sweet Little Myth

Downtown Wichita
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And now for some more nerdville:

Some of you have emailed to ask what font I used for my new and very beautiful (haha) banner.

I know it looks like many other fonts, but it's actually rather unique and your guesses have all been wrong.

I got this font way back in the dial-up days. Back when 1GB was big for a hard drive. We're talking 1997.

Tripod teamed up with Chank for the Rockstar Font Project. Several "rockstars" were asked to send in a handwriting sample which was then turned into a font for Tripod members to download for free.

One such star was Mike Doughty of the band Soul Coughing.

Chank ended up calling the font "Wichita" in reference to the Soul Coughing song "True Dreams of Wichita."

I thought it was a fitting font.

Unfortunately, Tripod took down the Rockstar Fonts, unless they've buried them so far under crap, I can't find them.

I did happen to dig up the "Wichita" font at Soul Coughing Underground.

And if anyone happens to have the rest of the Rockstar Fonts, please email me!

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