My Dreams are Prettier than Me

Nadia in B&W
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Nadia is great. When you're her friend, there's not much she wouldn't do for you. She's a good listener, gives good advice and is just generally fun to be around.

But even her husband will tell her she lives in this weird little bubble.

Inside that bubble, everything turns into being all about Nadia. This bubble really gets put to use when compliments are being thrown around.

One day, a customer told me I looked very pretty. This was a customer I had never seen before, so I took it as quite a compliment.

I told Nadia about it and her response was "What? I look pretty?"

Another day, an older customer walked in and said something to Nadia. I saw her recoil and wondered why.

"You'd better keep that old guy away from me! He told me I was hot!" She said after he had left.

"Nadia," Dena interrupted. "He said the coffee was hot!"

She also judges other people's things by how they would look on her. "That shirt would look so good on me!"

It doesn't stop at clothes, either! Nadia sat by me at the hockey game we went to together. She turned to me and said "Your eyes would look so good on me!"

I blame this on the fact that she's an only child and the only female in her household.

I know that, while reading this, you're thinking that this behavior would be really annoying. But it's not. It cracks me up. Especially because she laughs, too. Usually.

Today, Kacy walked into work and Nadia tells her "Kacy I dreamed about your wedding last night!"

"Oh don't even! I'm too stressed out today to think about my wedding!"

"I dreamed that I was prettier than you at your wedding!"

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