To the Magic of the Moment

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Today, I was hanging out at BJ and Doll's house when the neighbor kid, Brian (a.k.a. Fifi) walked through the living room.

I really only saw the back of Brian and didn't recognize him at first.

"Is that Fifi???"

I didn't recognize him, because instead of a letter jacket over a t-shirt or a baggy plaid or striped untucked shirt, Fifi had a decidedly Emo look about him.

He was even wearing a studded belt.

Perhaps it was this change in Fifi that inspired the change in the website. Or maybe it was just another thing to do that didn't involve cleaning.

Everything should still work the same around here. The pictures still have their own site. The link can always be found under the thumbnails at right.

If you find any glitches or just plain hate the new look, let me know.

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