And Drop My Good Side

Sleeping Beauty

I know, I know. I swore I had ended "poop week." But, it is still technically the same week. So I have another story.

And I didn't totally go back on my promise because this story isn't really about poop. But I was telling this to my mom tonight and she laughed a lot. And I said "Man! I should totally put this in Poop Week!"

I guess you can really thank my mom for this.

The other night, I was driving home pretty late through Old Town. There were people milling about on both sides of the street.

Always a safe and courteous driver, I made sure to pull far away from the curb, giving bar patrons a lot of room. I saw a man parked on his motorcycle with a crowd of people around him.

As I carefully drove by, I heard a giant roar and a flash. It turns out, it was just the guy starting his motor and the headlight coming on right as I passed.

But, at that moment, I could have sworn there was an explosion!

I told my mom, "It scared the crap out of me! Almost literally!"

ps--This story isn't really that funny. But I'm pretty sure a lot of the funny in my stories gets lost by the readers not being able to hear my voice. So, if you'll just imagine me flipping out, that should suffice until I can tell you all in person.

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