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Mickey Mantis

This is Mickey Mantis. You can read his story by clicking here and moving through the set.

This morning, I was watching a show on The Discovery Channel about how all these different animals have lived through the years by disguising themselves as different things.

There were several praying manits species featured and I'm starting to wonder if maybe Mickey isn't a mantis after all. All the ones I saw on The Discovery Channel were bigger and thicker.

Can anyone tell me if this is a mantis?

There were several other creatures featured. There was a bug that looks just like a stick. There was a gecko that was totally flat and looked like moving tree bark.

And there was also . . . Oh Lord, help me! I wish I knew how to quit you, Poop Week!

There was also a caterpillar that disgused itself as bird poop!!!

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Michael said...

can poop week please go on for a month? or a year? i love it! poop is the best subject ever!