And I Hope that You are Having the Time of Your Life


Oh! What a year it has been! Oh! How fast the time has flown.

It's amazing to see how much you've changed. Sometimes I look at you, and can't believe you're the same baby that came home from the hospital. You're so big! And so rambunctious! Like your mom said the other day "He's such a boy!"

You're always trying to get into everything to figure out how it works. You know that you can only play with my camera when the lens cap is on, and have figured out how to put on the cap yourself.

For your birthday, I got you the Bee Bop Band. It's a drum filled with different bug-themed musical instruments, complete with drumsticks. You were happy with banging on the drum for awhile, but soon you were putting the toys back in and closing the lid. Then you'd take it all back out so you could fit them inside again. It wasn't really the reason I bought it for you . . .

I bought it for you not only because it was "bee" related, but because I thought you'd enjoy making your own music, since you love it so much. You have been dancing forever and love it when your mom and I have dance party. When you're grumpy, I will start up the mp3 player on my phone and let you play with it. It always brings a smile to your face. Your favorite song lately is "Crazy" byGnarls Barkley. When that song comes on, you stop what you're doing, throw up your arms and get serious about jamming.

A year ago, I never would have thought I could be so entertained by a baby. But you continue to surprise me and make me laugh. I can spend hours with you and never be bored, and you aren't even talking yet!

Happy Birthday, Evan!

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