I Slit the Line


I've been a big baby here and crying my heart out to you about my devastation over losing a friend so suddenly. So what do I get emails about?

"What's 'No Gas/No Brake?'"

I feel your love.

No Gas/No Brake is possibly the greatest game involving a car, ever.1 The only thing you have to do is pretend you've run out of gas and have no brakes.

Now, you don't play the game just anywhere. It's silly and dangerous to play on open roads.

The game is most effective when picking someone up in a parking lot.

While at KU, all my friends lived in the dorms or apartments. We played No Gas/No Brake a lot.

Since I was usually driving, I was the biggest instigator. "No Gas/ No Brake?" I would ask as we pulled into the lot.

We would pull up to the curb and wait impatiently for the victim to come out. We would roll down all the windows and open the door then let the car go, yelling "No Gas/ No Brake!"

Michael seemed to be the victim a lot. He was also the grumpiest about it. He would stand at the curb with his arms crossed until we stopped.

But we never stopped.

One night, I swear we played the game for twenty minutes. Michael's dorm had the best slope to the parking lot. The car could go forever.

We were yelling and laughing hysterically until he finally decided to take the jump.

The door shut on him as he landed in the backseat, on top of two passengers.

"OW!" He shouted angrily as we all fell silent. "See? This is why I hate this stupid game!"

Did we apologize? Did we stop to make sure he was okay?

Of course not. We just broke out into laughter again.

Oh, the eveil things that amuse me!

1"Get on the Bus" is pretty good, too!

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