And He Knows He is Badder


I had this dream the other night. It was creepy.

I guess I was living at home. In my bedroom back home, there is a quilt hanging behind my bed. For some reason in this dream, I was looking at the quilt.

I noticed some weird dark spots on the wall. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were holes in the wall.

And these holes were filled with bugs!

But not just any bugs. They were nasty scarab beetles!

I didn't want to tell anyone because I felt it was my fault for not cleaning. I quietly got some spider spray and crossed my fingers, hoping it would work.

One fell out of its hole, so I sprayed him first. I wanted to do them one at a time because I kept thinking of The Mummy and was afraid they'd swarm me and pick my bones dry.

So I sprayed the sucker and he ran away and over my foot. Ew! I had to keep spraying and spraying. I used the whole can.

And there were hundreds of bugs! How hopeless!

I'm not sure why I had this dream. Maybe I feel like my mom should clean her house.

Just kidding, Mom. We all know it's because I need to clean my home.

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Casey said...

If you did clean your house maybe WE could come visit sometime.