Singing That Sad Song


Soon after I started working at the bank, the chick who trained me gave me her keychain. Her trainer had passed it on to her, and for more than two years, it was mine.

I thought it only proper, then, that on my last day, I should pass it on, too.

Do you see how happy Nighat is to be honored with such a torch?

That doesn't mean she was happy I was leaving. I think everybody was bummed. But none so much as me.

As I counted down the days, I became more and more sad and nostalgic.

But Marques cured that by scaring me.

"I forgot to tell you a lady from your new department came in yesterday."

"Oh yeah?"



"She said it's horrible. She said everyone hates it and they jump out windows."

"I'm not sure there's any windows to jump out of at that building."

"She also said they spend their time building windows just so they can jump out of them."

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