And There's Reason to Believe

Election Night 2006

Michael sent me a text message today that read simply "Vote!"

I called him once I got out of work to berate him.

"Of course I voted! What's wrong with you? I'm even wearing a red, white and blue striped shirt! And star earrings!"


This, coming from the kid who left work early so he could glue himself to the election results.

Not that I'm denying the dork in me. It's way too apparent. The dork in me was excited enough to get me up early so I could vote.

Read this one twice: I voted before eight in the morning.

Unbelievable, right?

About as unbelievable as the amount of people voting for Mark Foley. These are the same people who wanted Clinton impeached for messing around with an intern.

At least she was legal!

Mostly, though, I'm coming out of this election night with some hope.

It was a big night for women. Nancy Pelosi will now serve as the Speaker of the House. That means if Bush chokes on a pretzel and dies, then Cheney has a heart attack while trying to revive him, the United States would have a female president.

Kansas not only voted in a Democrat governor, it was for a second term. That means Kathleen Sebelius will be the first woman to serve a second term as Governor of Kansas.

Surprisingly, Kansas not only went Democrat for governor, they also voted in two Democrats for House Representatives. In one race, Nancy Boyda had a big win over a Kansas legend, Jim Ryun.

In my favorite win of the night, Paul Morrison has kicked Kline out of the attorney general's office. Finally! What was even better was the coverage. Mr. Limelight's concession speech wasn't even covered much past his introducing his family.

And as I write this, Wolf is ending his coverage of the elections with the Senate race tied at forty-nine to forty-nine with Democrats ahead in the remaining two states. Dare I hope for Democrat control of both the House and Senate?

I'm sure that recounts will be called for and we'll go well into December before knowing who will really be in control. Better get ready for more 2000-style confusion.

What has really been reinforced into my mindset, after watching all this CNN, is that Arianna Huffington is the smartest woman alive and Anderson Cooper wants to marry me.

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