Take a Look Around, Look What I've Found


I just found this in the morning, but I'm obsesssed.

LikeBetter isn't really a game. It's not even some sort of personality quiz. I'm not sure what to label to give it.

It shows you two pictures. You choose which one you like the best. After "voting" for awhile, the brain at the bottom will start throbbing pink. Click on it, and it will tell you things about yourself.

At first, I was assuming it would tell me things like "You like friends."

Instead it's weird things like the above picture. It's so true!

It hasn't been 100% correct; it told me I was a Scorpio. How weird is it, though, that it could figure something like my study habits by which pictures I like?

Try it. Maybe it will tell you something you didn't know.

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Anonymous said...

So I tried this little brain like game/quiz/test thingy... It was on point EVERY time. It new I was married, that I preferd spicy foods and that I understand instructions better when there are pictures involved. OOOOooooOOOOoooo way cool, keep em' coming Tiff!!