Are You Registered, Baby?

And Danced . . .

Last night, I talked to Michael. I did my usual griping about this and that and rambling.

After a couple of hours, when it was his turn to talk, he asked "Are you excited about Tuesday?"

What's Tuesday? Was I supposed to do something? Is it somebody's birthday? Remember remember the fifth of November was today. Oh crap.

"Um . . . Tuesday?"

"It's election night!"

Michael is really excited about this election. He feels it bodes well for liberals.

"Overall prediction: No incumbent Democrat running in a high profile race - House, Senate, or Governor - will lose tomorrow. Period. Dems will take a majority of governors' mansions (30 out of 50), will take a solid majority in the House with 235-245 seats, and might just squeak out the barest of majorities in the Senate with 51 seats."

This would set the stage well for the 2008 elections.

I know Michael is disappointed in me. I'm just not as into it as I used to be. It's just that I keep getting disappointed when it comes to politics. And I get really really angry.

Which isn't to say I don't have a bit of hope for tomorrow. If anything, it seems we're going to get rid of the embarrassment named Phil Kline.

Tonight, when we talked, he was practically jumping out if his skin with excitement. When we were signing off, I told him he'd better get to bed early, since he had such a big day in store.

"Yeah. If I can sleep!"

"Well, you know that if you aren't asleep, the election fairy won't come!"

Well, I'm off to bed. I have to get to the polls early since I work late.

Rock the Vote!

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