I Never Ever Thought Twice


Last week was my first full week all by myself on the phones. I was pretty nervous at first, but I feel like I'm kinda getting the hang of it.

I was afraid that helping people over the phone, rather than face-to-face, was going to be boring. I had such crazy characters at the bank.

But in just a couple of days, I had my first perv calling in.

"You sound young! You're really nice! How about we get to know each other outside your work?"

And that was before he started getting pervy.

I also had a woman wanting to adopt me. "You are such a sweetheart! What's your sign?"

"Um . . . I'm a Virgo."

"That's why! Virgos are always nice! That's why you're so sweet!"

She really needs to talk to my first caller on Friday. She had a different name for me.


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