But I Don't Know How to Connect


As Jacque and Chris walked out the door, leaving me to babysit the boy, Jacque gave me some bad news.

"He hasn't pooped, yet. I'm sorry. Usually he does it after his milk, but he didn't. I'm sorry."

So I was really looking forward to a lovely day!

I had two hours to play with Evan until his normalish nap time of 10:30. I fed him his cereal and off to the living room (or as I like to call it, the crammed-full-with-toys room) to play.

Now that he has decided to walk, he does so with passion. Back and forth and forth and back, with no particular destination; he's pretty non-stop.

He kept walking back toward the bedrooms. This was, of course, out of my sight. But I've found the key is not to chase him down immediately. This makes him feel you're not giving him independence and he starts howling.

So I'd let him go, listening for bumps and crashes, then would follow a few minutes later. Everytime I found him, I would have to holler and clap like I'd made some amazing discovery. Then Evan would laugh and I'd scoop him up and "fly" him back to the living room.

This went on for quite awhile. At 9:30, he went tottering back with a particularly giant look of glee on his face. I waited my standard few moments, then headed to the back hallway.

I heard a sound in his bedroom and peeked in to see him standing in the middle of his room with his blanket and pacifier already in his mouth.

I stepped into the doorway and he rushed to the chair and patted it.

He hasn't yet learned the word "nap" but he's awfully good at communicating when he wants one!

Evan took a nap and woke up. We played some more. He ate some more. And yet, still . . . no stinky diapers.

I was preparing myself for a giant one!

We were just playing around when he stopped in his tracks. I wondered what he was looking at; staring off into space.

Then the smell hit me. Ugh.

We headed back to his bedroom and just as I got him to his changing table, I heard a noise from the front of the house.

"Hey guys! You made it back just in time to change a poopy diaper!"

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Evan is getting so big!