I'll Admit I'm a Fool for You


On Halloween, I had to work quite late into the evening. I rushed to Chris and Jacque's, hoping that Evan would still be in his costume.

I didn't make it. He was in his pajamas, but he was still in full show-off mode.

As soon as I walked in the door, he crawled over and gave me a big grin. He did his usual "HEY!" which means "Look at me right now!"

He then crawled over to Chris and used his legs to help him get into a standing position. Then the little turd walked right over to me!

For months, Evan has been dragging us along by our fingers. He was pretty steady and we were sure he could walk on his own.

At first, he was just too stubborn to try. Once he started crawling, he decided maybe he was too scared.

So after I did some clapping, I said "See? I told you that you could do it. Aunt Bee is always right!"

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