Don't Tell Me that Crime Don't Pay


Every year I learn new things from my friends, even those I've known forever. Raw recently gave me a lesson on how to save money.

The other night, Raw went out to dinner with several people from work. She had her veggie burger and Sprite. Everyone passed Sophia around.

Sophia did what all babies do; she got grumpy. It's hard work being passed around and having to be cute for each person!

Raw started packing up all her stuff. She went around and said goodbye to each person. Of course, it took awhile to get her baby back. Then it took even more time to get Sophia all bundled into her carrier.

Raw waved at everyone as she left and hurried through the chill to her car. She maneuvered traffic and finally made it home.

Once there, she lugged Sophia up the stairs. She got Sophia out of her carrier and then changed her diaper. She unpacked the diaper bag and then it hit her.

"Casey! I didn't pay for my meal!"

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