I Barely Learned the Tune


Last Monday, I discovered Leslie Harpold's Advent Calendar. through a post on Not Martha.

I thought it was a great idea for a site and had no idea at the time that Harpold was a pioneer among personal websites. I read through each of the previous days, desperate to catch up.

I returned a few days later, eager to see the new treats, only to see nothing new had been revealed. I am the last one to gripe about lack of updates on a site, since I'm often horrible about it. So I didn't think much of it.

Then I came across this post at kottke. Then came the avalanche.

Tonight, I have been reading a lot of Leslie's work. Somehow, against all odds, I had managed to never come across it before. Luckily, she left a lot for me to read. And more. More. And probably more.

Her writing is straightforward and funny. From the heart and honest. This is my favorite.

There is speculation that the internet is actually hindering us in the way of human contact. Leslie Harpold was proof that the web can bring us closer together; in the words of others, and her own.

How can i let you know I noticed everything? Nothing went by unappreciated or undetected. How can I convey how lucky I am and how amazing I think humankind is?

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