I Can't Take How You're Constantly Testing Me

I Heart This Chicken

Last year, during the Super Bowl, we ordered Pizza Hut's flamethrower chicken wings.

I had been wanting to try them but was rather disappointed. Sure, they were spicy, but I wouldn't go so far as to give them the flamethrower label.

I talked to Casey soon after and he was telling me how his mouth was on fire after he ate the same chicken wings. He got really angry at me when I told him I didn't think they were so bad.

And ever since, every time we're together, he wants to order some flamethrowers. Just so he can see if I fall on the floor in agony because of the spicy spicy heat.

Tonight, I was eating a burrito with some extra hot habanero sauce. As my mouth burned, I wondered why eating spicy food is such a competition.

We pick on people who don't like spicy food. We compare how hot our meals are and dare people to eat the spiciest peppers.

It's weird. I don't think I've ever had someone say "Oh man! This cake is soo much sweeter than your cake! I bet you can't handle this frosting! I dare you to eat it!"

I think it's wrong to use levels of spice to compete with someone. I'm done berating people for being unable to "handle the heat."

So, Casey, I won't eat flamethrowers with you. I just won't let the spicy tear us apart.

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