It's Getting Harder and Harder

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When I was in drivers' education, I had a goofy educator.

It seems all drivers' ed teachers are. It must be a requirement. Or they're the only people crazy enough to teach teenagers how to drive.

When the dreaded day of parallel parking came, I was pretty nervous. When you live in Kansas, the opportunity to parallel park doesn't present itself too often so I hadn't had much practice.

We met at the designated parking lot and saw two beater cars parked with a small space between them.

"We have to try to park there?" one of my driving companions asked.

Our teacher decided to show us how it was done and we all packed into the car with the yellow warning signs all over it.

We were half paying attention as he talked us through the motions. Then he hit the curb. And bumped the car behind us.

Good teachin' coach!

We didn't say a word back then. We didn't even laugh. Maybe he did it on purpose to ease our stress. The three of us were slow but flawless in our execution.

Since then,I think I have parallel parked twice. I mean really parallel parked. Where I've tried to cram myself in between two cars.

I'd rather walk a mile than try.

Which is why I've been very interested in the Lexus Advanced Parking Guidance System.

On the commercials, it looks like some super mega car that parks itself.

Which it does, but it turns out it's not as easy as it seems. There's a lot of instructions to give and did they mention you have to find a space six and a half feet longer than the car.

Well, maybe it's not the miracle car I had hoped for, but it's still pretty snazzy.

So who wants to buy me one?

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