Take a Look Around, Look What I've Found

Mom's Christmas Present

I found Achtung Baby! a few months ago and it quickly became my new favorite website.

I'm not really sure what's going on with it. The closest description I can find without sifting through all the archives is this:

The ambitions to dump various levels of creativity here are dimished by frustration with the large amount of old material I have to go through and put here. I would devote all weekend to it but tomorrow I'm going home for Rachel's wedding.

My favorite posts are the ones where he quotes song lyrics and posts a picture that seems to evoke the feeling. Like these:
Born to Lose
Falling Down
What Jail is Like

When I bought The Invisble Band I was visiting Raw and Casey in Lawrence. As soon as we walked in their door, I put in the CD and sat there, reading the lyrics.

Poor Raw had to sit there and listen to me. "Aw! Listen to this line!"

So I can understand where Achtung Baby! comes from. I like to share, too.

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