And Challenged the Laws of Chance

Mitch and Bret

Today, Doll, Mitch, Bret and I went to see Reno 911!.

I've always thought the television show was funny and saw a trailer for the movie sometime back, and have been excited for the film ever since.

"This movie is going to be awesome!" Bret exclaimed as we walked up to the theatre.

"Yeah. It's going to be funny!" Mitch agreed.

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to pee my pants," I warned. "But I'm also afraid we saw the funniest parts in the trailer."

I think that might be when Doll decided not to sit by me.

We got our tickets and gave them to the ushers at the velvet ropes.

"Down the hall to your left, first on your right," they instructed.

At the entrance to that particular theatre, there was another usher. Doll and I started to walk past him, but he stopped us. "May I see your tickets, please?"

This is new. We had already shown our tickets once. We all looked at each other and produced our tickets.

He looked at Doll's, then mine and let us through. We walked in, and I heard the usher behind me. "May I see your IDs?"

"Doll!" I called. "They're checking IDs!"

As she went back to vouch for the boys, I tried to think of another time I'd seen them so tight about checking for viewers to be age seventeen and up.

I did remember a few times seeing people get rejected for buying tickets because they weren't old enough. And once, when I took the boys to a movie, the girl behind the counter asked "Are they your kids?"

Apparently, they needed to be under adult supervision to watch the particular movie.

But never had I seen a second ID checkpoint.

"This movie must be really bad!"

And it was. Hilariously nasty bad.

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