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Jill and Me

Last week, my cousin Jill celebrated her birthday.

I was doing some "computer work" for BJ. He was hovering over my shoulder when we decided to send Jill a text message to wish her a happy birthday.

>Happy birthday! BJ says you're old!
>Thanks! But I'm only twenty-five, right?
>Sure! If that means I'm still twenty-four!
>No matter how old we are, BJ will always be older!
>Much MUCH older!
>Grandma just called.
>At least she remembered. She forgot Doll's birthday a couple of weeks ago.
>Poor Doll! She has always managed to remember mine.
>She could never forget mine . . .
"Don't say it's because you're Momma's favorite," BJ said. "Don't make her sad on her birthday!"

"You're the one who said she was old! I wasn't going to say that anyway!"

> . . . because . . .
"She couldn't forget your birthday because you start reminding everyone six months in advance!"

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