Shower the People

Tasia's Baby Shower

No, no. I haven't disappeared into oblivion, yet. I've been busy baby showering.

When I told my friend Christine that I was having a baby shower, her first thought was "Who put her in charge of a baby shower???"

It really isn't an unusual thought. I'm pretty non-girly most of the time, and don't have a whole lot of experience with this stuff.

So, I of course start out going totally overboard. I think of about one thousand games and all kinds of decorations.

I even made poor Jacque help me make snow globes out of baby food jars.

Last week, I got to thinking about the cake. And how my last experience serving cake turned into a total disaster.

"Doll? Will you cut the cake at the shower?"

"I'm not cutting the cake!"

"But I can't do it! I won't cut it into the right sizes and I'll run out and do you remember what happened last time I tried to serve cake???"

She sighed. "I'll cut the damn cake."

It turns out the cake had little grooves in it to help guide the cutting. So I didn't really need Doll to do the cutting. But I made her do it, anyway!

She was a big help all day, actually. She and my mom catered to my insanity while helping me set up the room.

"I think I liked the cake better on the other side. Can you move it back?"

It really ended up being a pretty simple shower. I didn't do any crazy games, but had plenty of door prizes.

My Aunt Deb won the first prize and started it off right by giving the gift to Tasia, instead.

Doll had her eye on one of the prizes and didn't like it that Deb gave hers away. "That's gonna make me look bad when I keep mine!"

We had a smaller turn-out than I had originally anticipated. Some people that had sent their RSVP backed out at the last minute. Apparently, it's that time of the year and a lot of them were sick. Including Tasia's mother and sister.

They live in Sublette and apparently, there's some super virus running through that town. I know Tasia was disappointed they couldn't be there. We all were. We've been excited about finally meeting The Boy's other grandparents and aunt. But I can't say I was too disappointed. I didn't want them giving me the virus!

I enjoyed seeing several people I hadn't talked to in quite awhile. All the "townies" showed up, at least long enough to say "Hello!"

I was trying to be the hostess with the mostest and chat with each guest. I was also running around taking pictures, writing down presents and serving cake.

I didn't cut it, but I had to serve it!

As the shower wound down, I would grab something to pick it up. Then I would get distracted, telling someone goodbye and thanks. By the time everyone had left, I looked around and Doll, Deb and Grandma Peggy had already cleaned everything up. That's the way I like to clean!

You should have seen the pile of crap The Boy got! It's ridiculous! He's not even born yet and already incredibly spoiled!

Have I ever mentioned how awesome my family is? Because they are. Thanks for helping with and without being asked.

And thanks for the presents. Marcus will enjoy playing with all the toys!

You can see the ridiculous amount of pictures I took by clicking here.

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