Maybe it's Karma

Little Red Bento Box!

We had another food day yesterday. We have food days at work all the time.

"You had a baby? Let's have a food day!"
"You won a contest? Let's have a food day!"
"You have to work tomorrow? Let's have a food day!"

I don't cook often, so when i do, I try to make something that makes it look like I worked hard.

Last night, I made samosas. I had been hungry for some Indian food and had some wonton wraps, so I decided I'd make something samosa-ish.

Preparing the filling wasn't difficult. I didn't use a recipe, so getting the spice combination was difficult. More coriander! More garlic! Extra cilantro!

Eventually, I remembered I had some vindaloo paste. So that was a big waste of time.

Stuffing the wraps was tedious. If I ever make these again, I'm definitely using bigger wraps!

I was going to bake the samosas, since it would be easier. But I've never had much luck baking fresh wonton wraps. They always turn out weird and greasy.

So instead, I fried them. And after awhile, my eyes got all burny and blurry. Does this normally happen when you fry things?

I guess all the pain was worth it. They're all gone.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to bake Melissa's Wonton Wraps? Because my eyes are still infected with grease-molecules-in-the-air disease.

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