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I'm on Flickr pretty much every day. But I missed the news until I saw this post at Mighty Girl.

Long explanation short, 24 Hours of Flickr is a project that the heads of Flickr cooked up. Basically, you take a bunch of pictures on May 5 and then pick one of them to enter into the group. Eventually, the administrators will pick some of the photos to use in a book.

It's not that I think my skills are so great that my photo would be chosen to be in the book, I just like to participate.

Of course I signed up right away. And then, of course, I also totally forgot about it.

On my way back from work on Saturday, it suddenly hit me that "today was the day!" It was 2:30PM and I hadn't taken one picture.

I noticed a bunch of people walking around The Keeper of the Plains. The area has been closed off for quite some time while they've been doing work as part of the whole Water Walk project. I thought I'd stop by to check it out.

It was incredibly windy and as I walked over the suspension bridge, I was afraid I was going to be blown off! Obviously I managed to stay alive and got a few shots in.

You can see all the pictures I took here.

This is the photograph I entered into the 24 Hours of Flickr event:

Future Leaders

It's my favorite of the bunch. I find it funny because there were a whole two people in that protest. And are those kids even old enough to smoke tobacco legally?

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