We're too Young to Fall Asleep


Things you should do before you contact your bank, doctor's office, school or really anyone:

1. Have your account number/patient number/etc with you.

2. Have patience.

3. Please have any paperwork pertaining to why you are calling.

4. Please understand that most people are not mind-readers.

5. Have a pen ready!
Then, when you ask questions, and the person answers you, you won't have to say "Wait! Let me get a pen!" and then make the person wait five minutes for you to find a pen that works!

6. Don't call from your car.
Actually, that one's not even a huge deal. Unless the connection is horrible or you're using it for an excuse.
"I can't look at the information right now because I'm driving!"
"The last person hung up on me so please let me give you my phone number because I'm on the road and can't be using all my minutes because my bill last month was super high and so here is my number it's 555-2 . . . Did you get that? Because I really need to *click!*"

7. Please know why you're calling.

8. (Related to #7) Don't have someone else call in for you. Especially if they don't know what you want to do or if information cannot be realased to that person.


10. Watch the potty-mouth. It's really not going to help.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think it hurts to speak the language of the person you're calling either...since TALKING is the main thing you'll be doing on the phone.