And They All Play the Same Silly Games


I heard that Apple had released a beta version of Safari for Windows.

For some reason, I've been wanting a Mac. Specifically a MacBook Pro. Why? I really have no idea.

Maybe it's because they're so sleek and shiny. Maybe because I believe having a Mac would magically make my website beautiful. Maybe I'm just a sucker.

In any case, I've been hoping some fortune would bring me a brand new laptop.

So I figured with this release, I could get a taste of what I'd be in for with a Mac, since about 85% of my time is spent browsing the internet.

Ugh. It doesn't seem to be any faster than the various forms of Firefox that I've been using. Some of the navigation is funky. Perhaps some of this can be fixed if I monkey around with it.

But I just don't think I have the energy for monkeying. Worse than all this, though; Safari doesn't seem to work with my mouse. So I actually have to move my hand to go forward and back. Boo!

After downloading Safari, I decided to take a look at my site to see how it would look in Apple product. It seems that my collapsible posts don't work with Safari. When you click "Read More" there's nothing there.

I do want to apologize to all my regular readers on Macs. But I'm not monkeying around with the site, either. I'm too lazy.

I'm starting to think maybe I don't want a Mac, anymore. You know, like the cost hadn't already pretty much talked me out of it!

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