The baby finally decided to come out today.

According to casey, it only took Raw a couple of pushes. "She wasn't even yelling or anything!"

I think maybe the baby was trying to get out fast. I'm pretty sure we scared her out last night.

I called Raw and instead of a pleasant "Hello!" I got a pleasant "No baby, yet."

She wasn't letting that stop her, though. Raw has always figured the busier she is, the more she'll shake the baby out.

"I took Sophia to the park. She got really mad because she didn't want to leave. She hit me!"

Of course, I laughed. But I was also concerned when I imagined her trying to carry a kicking and screaming Sophia around her pregnant belly. "Are you feeling okay?"

"Yeah. But this baby is in weird places! I don't remember Sophia feeling like this."

At the same time I was feeling grossed out by the fact that she had a baby swimming around in there, I was yelling "Maybe she'll come out your butt! Ha ha! Butt Baby! I bet she'd really like the Butt Paste!"

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