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Misuse of the Boppy

Raw and Casey went on a date last weekend.

Not last weekend. But last last weekend. Like the weekend before last. Anyway.

She loves going to the movies. Casey, not so much. He really doesn't even enjoy sitting down to watch a DVD at home.

"I want to see Pirates of the Caribbean!"

Having just seen the movie, I knew this might be a bad idea. "Oh man. Don't go to that one. It's almost three hours long!"

"I know. That's why Casey doesn't want to see it.

I talked to Raw last night to see if she liked Pirates. "Did you see it?"

"No," she pouted. "We went to see Hot Fuzz. It was okay. My back started hurting, though."

"It's a good thing you didn't see Pirates, then! It's like double the run time of Fuzz!"

"Actually, my back started hurting at dinner. But I didn't tell Casey because I really wanted to see Pirates."

Did I mention Raw's due date was June 9? So she was a week from popping and thinking about sitting through a three hour film.

"I finally gave up and told Casey, 'My back really hurts so I don't think I should go see Pirates. But I don't want you to get out of it so I'm totally willing to suffer. But that's not a good reason to see a movie.'"

Oh that Raw! She's so rational!

We're now finishing up day three and still Sophie doesn't have a little sister. I don't think Raw's trying any of last year's suggestions.

I of course had to elbow my way into the festivities and planned a trip up there. I figured since her first baby was so late, surely Raw would pop on time. Or maybe even early! So I figured this weekend would be a good time for visiting.

Now I'm starting to think we may be looking into a schedule more like last year's which would mean I may be waiting around in the hospital again.

Or like Raw said, "You may be driving me to the hospital!"

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