I'm Embarrassed but I'm Much More Sorry

Grape Laffy Taffy

Sometimes people just make it too easy.

Marcus and T-Biscuit cam to pick up The Boy from my mom and dad's house after two days of the poor thing being in our care.

My mom had a lot of non-baby related stuff to send back with them in the basement. I saw Mom, Marcus and Tasia come upstairs. "You took Tasia to the basement?"

"Yeah!" Marcus laughed. "She liked it!"

Our basement isn't finished so of course it has that dark basementy feel. I'm pretty sure she didn't enjoy it all that much. Although, she did complain she hadn't gotten to see " . . . the kitty's litter box."

"We should lock her down there!" Marcus whispered to me.

You know how mature I am and what a bad idea this was; not very and awesomely bad! "Hey T-Biscuit! We want to show you something else down there! Marcus forgot to show you!"

She followed us to the stairs. "You go first," I told her. "We want you to be totally surprised!"

Tasia headed down and Marcus even acted like he was following her. Then he quickly slammed the door. And we laughed like five year-old girls.

Later that day, my mom and brother were in his old room going through some crap as I walked by the door. My brother asked me to have Tasia come in for a minute.

I called her over and she approached warily. "You go first," I suggested.

She stopped in her tracks. Looks like we've got a quick learner!

I talked to Casey on my way home that night. "Do you want to know what I'm wearing today?"

Yes. These are the things I talk about. It's almost as exciting as what I write about. Isn't it super thrilling when I combine the two?

Casey laughed and then used his dirtiest voice. "What are you wearing?"

I have on camouflage shorts and a flowery tunic top. I look hot."

"Did you say pubic shirt?"

"Yes! Don't you people have those in Lawrence?"

"Um . . . no."

"Oh yeah! Everyone wears them down here! They're basically a piece of fabric that covers your pubic area."

"Like a jock strap?"

"Well, sort of . . . but there's just one strap that goes around your waist. And the fabric is looser and much more comfortable. It's more like a loincloth without the backside coverage."

Casey was silent for a moment. "Are you serious?"

Maybe people aren't gullible. Maybe I'm just some kind of master fooler! I knew I had to be good at something!

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