Now His Part is Over


There's a few summer season shows I've been hoping to catch:

FX's Damages, TNT's Saving Grace and AMC's Mad Men.

The first two start this week and I think Mad Men must have started on Thursday. I happened to catch it tonight while I was keeping the dogs company.

The show is set in an ad agency during the year 1960. And I have to say, it's probably a good thing I wasn't in the work force back then.

Because if men actually took time out of their day to tell the new girl "It wouldn't hurt to show more of those legs. And you might want to cinch in your waist so you look like a woman," I'm pretty sure I wouldn't fit in.

No really. this is the Betty's first day as a secretary and the men are telling her things like this, and her mentor, Joan, is telling her the same stuff. And sends her to the doctor to get birth control pills!

As Joan is showing Betty around, she uncovers a typewriter and tells Betty not to be intimidated. "It looks complicated but they made it easy enough for a woman to use."


Maybe I shouldn't be watching this show . . .

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