And I Love You So Let's Watch the Flowers Grow


At the wedding party, the flower girls walked around handing out packets of flower seeds.

I got my packet and thanked the girls. They went on their merry way. There was a lot of ground to cover.

Since I was taking pictures, I was moving around a lot. The girls caught me and tried to hand me another packet. Not wanting them to run out of seeds, I tried to decline.

"Oh! Thank you! But you already gave me a packet."

The girls stood bewildered. Their faces looked up at me in an almost angry fashion.

Being awkward around kids I don't know, I got scared. "thank you, though! You're doing an awesome job! You look pretty!"

None of this pleased them and on they went. I felt bad

Back at my table, I noticed the girls heading my way again. I started getting nervous. "Surely they know they already covered our table."

Surely not! This time, I just took the seeds. I didn't want to rouse their anger again!

Later that night, Chad was sitting with us and picked up someone's packet of seeds. "Did you all get some of these?"

We told him we all had about ten of them. I guess I didn't need to worry about the girls running out.

"These are the prettiest flowers," Chad said.

"Are we going to throw them at you when you leave?"

Chad looked at me like I was crazy and laughed. And I was joking back then. But now that I think about it, it's not such a bad idea.

Wouldn't it just be lovely on your anniversary to go back and see a bunch of flowers marking the spot where you made your grand entrance to the world as a married couple?

That is, if someone hasn't mowed them down!

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