Glad You Came My Way

I Stole This from Casey

Raw, Casey and the girls are officially Newtonites.

Newtonians? Newtrinos? Newtrons?

They live in Newton.

I know. You'd think I would have been so excited and would have announced they were moving so close to me. I was and am excited. But they've fooled me before.

It seems like every time they came to visit, Casey would decide they were moving back. Mary and I would get all excited and then a few days later, "When are you moving?"

"What? Oh. We're not going to move down there."

And I'm pretty sure you could hear our hearts break.

I've been trying for years, even before any talk of marriage or babies, to lure them to the area. And for years, they keep breaking me. Even Mary had given up.

So when Casey called and said "I think we're moving to Newton," you can imagine I was a bit skeptical.

"Yeah right."

"No really! I even talked to the landlord!"

Yet, even as they started making plans and hauling stuff out, I wasn't ready to believe it.

Casey got a job. Raw cleaned out the apartment. Casey started his new job (and had to pick up trash all day--HAHA!) and still I wouldn't believe it.

I talked to Raw the other day. They are officially off their lease and she was setting up the new place. Casey was at work and Sadie was asleep in her crib in her new room.

Or so she said. I still won't believe it until I see it!

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