Or Will I Ever Stop Thinking About It


Okay, kids. Quit asking me how the PM Dawn show was.

Maybe if you had gone, you could have an answer to that question. But nooooo . . . Nobody wanted to be seen there.

So I ended up in Garden Plain watching a different two-person band. They were from Manhattan and the lead singer's name was Justin Something-or-Other.

Their friend had come with them to get drunk and rile everyone up. He was wearing a shirt that ready "Justin Something-or-Other Sucks." After he gave Jacque a lap dance, he reached out to shake my hand.

"Hey Justin! Nice to meet you!"

He looked at me funny and corrected me. "My name is Josh."

"Oh! Sorry! Your shirt has Justin on it so I just thought . . ."

"Nah, nah . . . That's my boy's name! See the singer? He's my best friend. Blah blah blah." Josh and I bonded over the Sooners and Gumby's.

Jacque's cousin Jill came over and I introduced her. "Jill, I'd like you to meet my new friend, Pete."

"Pete? No! It's Josh!" The poor guy was so drunk, he didn't realized I was just teasing. I guess drunk people don't see the fun in the Change Your Name Game, either. He seemed really hurt.

He didn't have it all that bad, though. Jacque's sister-in-law Lori and I saw a guy with a camouflage shirt and gave him a new name for the night.

We called him tree.

In the wee hours when everyone was good and marinated, there were some crazy activities. At one point, a bunch of people decided to limbo underneath a guy's outstretched legs. When a very blond boy took his turn, he needed a little support.

Instead of grabbing the guy's calf or even thigh, he put his hand right on the dude's zipper.

Lori was standing beside me. I explained what I had seen.

"He's my cousin!"

"Okay. That's fine. But your cousin is a crotch-grabber!"

She then explained that the limbo guy and the crotch grabber were cousins, too.

Oh. Yeah that makes it all better.

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