If We're Evil or Divine

GhostsI'm sure I'm going to make some people mad with all this but here goes . . .

Okay. It's fine if people want to have kids. If they fulfill some need in your life, that's great. I even like some of them.

But please, don't use your kids for leverage.

The example I'll use today to explain myself involves work.

See, I don't really like my schedule. I work ten hour days on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Mondays aren't so bad. We're so busy that I don't realize how long I'm there. But Tuesdays are horrible. The day drags and I get cranky. And I really don't like getting out so late on Fridays. Especially since at the end of the night, I'm just sitting there doing nothing.

So, back in April, I put in to have my schedule changed. I even offered to continue to work ten hour Mondays. But I asked for shorter days the rest of the week and to get off earlier.

The other day, my neighbor saw one of her friends walk by. "What are you doing at work so early?"

"Oh. I got my schedule changed. My babysitter decided to go back to work."

I usually try not to eavesdrop, but I was really interested. Turns out, instead of going with the proper procedures, this girl just went to her supervisor who then got the chick's schedule changed.

So, because I'm using the proper channels and don't have kids, I'm still waiting.

I'm not trying to be a total jackass. I know it's hard to have kids and get everything working together. I could understand if they did a temporary schedule change to give her time to look for a new sitter, but to screw all of us waiting in line permanently? That sucks.

I guess I'm going to have to squirt out a couple of kids so I can have some good excuses.

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