I've Got Sweaty Palms


No! I am not some kind of perv!

Well, not always.

I've had many responses to my pervy bathroom pictures mentioned yesterday. I guess I could explain.

At one point during the party, I headed toward the restroom. I thought I saw KayLyn walking in behind me. I'm not a bathroom talker, though, so I just headed to a stall.

I had my mobile phone in my pocket and when I pulled down my pants (Calm down you pervs! It's not that kind of story!), my phone fell out and slid over into the stall beside me. The one KayLyn was in.

"Whoops!" I exclaimed as I reached under to retrieve my phone. "Is that you, KayLyn?"

"Yes!" She laughed.

"Don't worry. I'm just taking a few pictures!" I said jokingly. Jokingly!

"Awesome!" See? She knew I was joking!

Not to mention relieved I hadn't tossed the phone down the toilet again.

And here's a link to the photographs of the party. I keep forgetting.

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