You Met Your Match

DSCF2314My cousin Chad is the nicest guy ever.

He's the kind of guy that after just meeting, you'd feel like you've known him for years.

He has a great smile and gives the best hugs.

When I was a youngin' my friends would see pictures of Chand and swoon. "He's so cute! Don't you want to kiss him?"

Talking to Jill about this recently, it turns out her friends had the same reaction. She and I had the same answer for our friends: No. We did not want to make out with him. We knew he was a good-lookin' guy and all, but c'mon! He's our cousin!

I remember when my family headed down to Borger, By God Texas to visit, he and I would stay up all night talking. I don't have a clue what we talked about. Probably Achy Breaky Heart. It was the only thing on the radio down there.

One one of these nights, we watched television in his bedroom. We were resting with our heads on opposite ends of the bed.

"While you're down there," he suggested. "How about a foot massage?"

He stuck his foot into my face, which totally grossed me out. But I kept my cool. I shoved my foot near his face.

"That sounds awesome!"

And you know what? If I wasn't a freak about hating it when people touch my feet, Chad totally would have rubbed them. He's just that nice.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that (unless he has me completely fooled) Chad is a good boy. And he deserves a girl to match.

We weren't sure if KayLyn fit that bill. Chad grew up in a household full of OU fans. A lot of the rest of our family are also Sooner fans. Some of us aren't. But I can guarantee you none of us are Texas fans.

But KayLyn is. I wasn't sure it could last. Especially after she wore a Texas jersey to the Red River Shootout. BJ says Doug just about blew a fuse when he saw that one.

Doug got her back this weekend. He called her up and told us all a story about that wretched jersey. Then he handed her a package. Can you guess what was in it?

That's right. It was a shiny crimson and cream jersey. "Boomer Sooner" started playing and Doug started doing high kicks. KayLyn even danced, which was cool. Until she brought out the hook 'em horns signal.

Aside from that major flaw, KayLyn seems like a good match. I had only met her once before, but she treated me like an old friend. And she didn't even mind when I used my phone to take pictures of her in the bathroom! She's full of smiles and hugs and seems to take our family's mean humor well, and even gives back.

I had a great time celebrating with them this weekend. I wish for them many great times and happiness for the future. Oh! And many trips to Kansas!


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