Be One of the Comfortable People


So you remember Problem 3?

There are some homes where my rule doesn't seem to apply.

I can crap all day at my parents' home. And there's something about BJ's that makes me want to mark my territory. And sometimes, actually more and more often, no matter how I try to hold it, I have to go at Jacque's.

I'll come walking out all Ace Ventura style. "Oh man! I am so sorry! Whoo!"

"It's okay," she'll tell me. "That means you're comfortable here."

The other night, I was telling her about hanging out with Raw's family, when I came upon a realization. "I think I'm gonna have to poop here tonight!"

And then, because there's that competition for my love, and because as you know she feels assured in strange ways, Jacque posed a strange question to me.

"Did you poop at their house?"

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