Then Let it Go


I know Poop Week has been disappointing for some of you. But I never said I was going to show you pictures of poop. How about pictures of people with meat hair?

I'm having trouble thinking of a poop story to tell you today. My day and mood were ruined by one phone call.

I deal with a lot of irritating customers. They will yell. They can be dense. Most of my customers are quite pleasant. But there are those who are not.

But what's really disheartening is when a member of your team is downright bitchy for absolutely no reason. And for some reason, I really can't shake this one off. I think it's because I don't really know what happened.

You try to help a person out and they interrupt you and say things like. "Oh yes you WILL!" Then you realize the situation has suddenly spun out of control and you're not sure why because you've done the same thing probably a hundred times before. So then you try to remedy the situation by explaining what you were doing only to have your teammate continue to interrupt and berate you.

How do you feel?

Most people I know would just hit disconnect and go on their merry way. I took the high road (not to mention a very very deep breath) and finished what needed to be done. I then pleasantly asked her to have a nice day.

But what I really wanted to do was ask her to hold then take a flight to New Jersey then walk into her office and take a giant dump on her desk.

Wouldn't that be an awesome poop story?

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