I Wanna Be the One to Walk in the Sun


I've been reading this site, Jezebel since it started up a few months ago.

On the one hand, I feel silly reading a website for chicks. On the other hand, it's pretty cool. And somehow it's like they're reading my mind. They keep posting articles about things I've recently been thinking or even writing about.

Like with this article.

The article kinda made me feel bad. But then I got to thinking about how I really don't think I'm wrong. I'm trying to be fair in my ideas. Fair for everybody!

And the last sentence made me feel even more validated because it reminded me of stuff I was going through last year and kinda feel like I go through still. At twenty-nine.

Livesey from The F Word writes, "Why (oh why, oh why) is it that it's women being compared to women here?" But we know exactly why: Because we're all guilty of what Tina Fey, in Mean Girls, called "girl on girl crime". In some ways, the world is the same it was in 4th grade: Catty, sneaky, full of judgments, gloating over microvictories and contests of one-upmanship.

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