Please Excuse Me as I Go Insane

Evan at WorkJacque wasn't around for my birthday. Well, not the actual day but you know how I like to extend the celebrations.

So last night, she made Evan cook me a birthday dinner, complete with the cake I had been craving.

"We're having fish in a--" Jacque stopped and then asked "What?"

I couldn't hide the look on my face. "Um. What kind of fish?"

"You like fish! You like salmon!"

"Yup. I like salmon. Are we having salmon?"

We weren't having salmon. "I've thought about this menu for days! I thought you liked fish!"

I assured her I'd eat the fish. If I didn't like it, I'd have more room for cake!

"Okay. And you don't like peas, right?"

"Um . . ."

I'm pretty sure Jacque's head was about to explode.

I can't blame her. My tastes are pretty hard to keep track of.

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