And It Used to Take One


Really? You're two years old today?

Is it possible that the second year went faster than the first?

You still continue to amaze and entertain me. I can't even remember what your mom and I did for fun before you came.

Your personality is really developing. You're ornery, but you also have this big, kind heart.

When you're playing host, you love to take people by the hand and take them to see this or that. You let people choose which movie to watch. When you have some kind of snack, you love to share.

This is also the year you started to really learn how to talk. It's much easier to communicate with you, now.

"BEE!" I'll hear from the hallway. When you see me through the doorway, you ask "Wanna play?"

Of course I do. Your hallway is long and great for playing a game of Aunt-Bee-Rolls-the-Ball-and-You-Chase-It.

It's not always fun and games. You are pretty stubborn and quite dramatic.

Even though I see you at least once a week, sometimes you'll play shy. I'll arrive and swoop in for a big hug and you'll scream and run to hide behind your mom's legs.

For some reason, you hate it when I tell you "No."

Last time I hung out with you, your mom was packing for your trip to the east coast when I saw you reaching for some medication on the counter, high above your head.

"No, Evan," I said. You looked at me and continued so I said louder and more forcibly "Evan! No!"

You looked at me, then started screaming and ran for your mom. I could see your face between shelves on the island and every time I looked at you, another shriek would explode out of your mouth.

When I went to see you on your due date, I was sure that you wouldn't remember me. Or worse, you'd still be mad at me.

When I came in and gave you the plush bowling set, you were thrilled. We rushed to the long hallway and began playing.

You laughed and ran around. I hadn't seen you so excited in a long time. You kicked the pins over and giggled when we "admonished" you for cheating.

As your mom was setting the pins up for the tenth time, you walked over to me and patted my shoulder. "Bee."

I like you, too, buddy.

Happy Birthday, Evan!


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