Your Burden Bright as Weary Be

Happy Birthday, 1984

My mom is like the runt of our family.

Because she's the smallest and nicest, we of course pick on her. It just happens! I just can't seem to stop myself!

It's not like we beat the crap out of her or anything. And we're not horribly mean. But it is fun to laugh at her.

Like when we laugh at the way she dials a number on her mobile phone. I really wish you could see my impression of her. It's hilarious!

We wouldn't do it if we didn't like her! No really. In our family, if we don't like you, we make fun of you behind your back!

Teasing her is our way of showing her we love her. Hugs are so cliche!

My poor momma has put up with us for almost thirty years and I think maybe we're starting to wear her down. These days, she doesn't laugh with us.

I'm feeling a little bad about how I treat my mommy. She deserves some kudos for all she's done for us.

So I think today, since it's her birthday and all, I will be extra nice to her. Even though I already got her some pants for her birthday (which, apparently, is becoming my favorite gift to her), I'll give her an extra gift. The gift of me not making fun of her.

Oh? That picture? Um . . . It's not me making fun of her. It's me saying, "Hey! Doesn't she look even better now?"


Score! Brownie Points for me!

Happy Birthday, Momma!

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